Image by Jason Koenig | JKoe Photography

Image by Jason Koenig | JKoe Photography


All of us find ourselves in places we did not expect to be at some point, and coming to counseling is one way to create a safe space to explore circumstances, relationships, patterns, and themes on your path.

I aim to listen with you to the different layers of your stories, and explore how your mind, body, and spirit interact and influence how you think and feel. I hope that you can experience counseling as a space to tell your story, to connect different parts of your life, to explore meaning, discuss options, reflect, and make change. My hope is that as we listen to all the parts of your story, you will experience realignment, reintegration, and transformation. 


The music, Gustav Holsts "The Planets"
is described by the announcer as
moving, powerful, touching, as if,
even as we listen, we'll get shoved around--
our senses turning us to another orientation.

So, maybe this is what is meant for us--
to be ready to be unsteady, unhinged,
beside ourselves,
constrained by magic to know the world new
to be transposed, dislodged, ready for
realignment, reintegration.

Bring whatever it takes--
for sight, for hearing,
touch, taste, sense of smell,
spirited imagination,
any of the ways we're engineered for

--Luci Shaw